Is a video CV right for you?

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How to tell if a video CV will be best for you.

A video CV is a short film that shows employers your skills, experience and enthusiasm.

A good video CV can encourage an employer to interview you because it can show more of your personality and motivation than a written application.

When to make a video CV

You should make a video CV if an employer asks for one.

Consider making a video CV if you:

  • have the skills to make a video or someone who can help you
  • want to showcase your video skills 
  • want to show your creativity
  • want to demonstrate your presentation, sales or performance skills
  • are confident in front of the camera – or have the skills to make an animated CV
  • have researched the employer and are confident that they'll be happy to receive a video CV.

When not to make a video CV

A video CV isn't suitable if you:

  • don't know how to make a video and don't have time to learn or someone to help you
  • don't have time to do a good job
  • are unconfident in front of the camera and don't have the skills to make an animated video.


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Updated 29 Mar 2022