Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund

Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund

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The Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) is a government fund that will pay your fees and compulsory costs for many vocational education and training (VET) programmes. TTAF is also known as "free trades training".

Here’s what it covers:

  • For apprentices in industry training (on the job) – your training and assessment fees.
  • For learners in provider-based training (study) – your programme fees and any other compulsory costs.

TTAF will pay your fees until 31 December 2022.

What programmes are covered

TTAF makes all apprenticeships free but isn't only for trades. It covers a range of other vocational training and study options. These relate to six focus areas with good job opportunities that are expected to keep growing.

The list of programmes may change as the Government works with industries and training providers to make sure it targets areas where there are jobs.

To explore your options, check out the list of eligible TTAF programmes.

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A wide range of programmes are available through TTAF
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What if I'm already in training?

If you're already in training and your programme is on the TTAF list, you'll be signed up automatically. Depending on when you started training, TTAF may only cover part of your programme fees.

Tertiary Education Commission website - diagram of which fees are covered

If you've already been charged for a programme that is covered by TTAF you'll have your fees refunded, student loan credited or Fees Free entitlement given back to you. You'll be contacted if you need to do anything.

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You may be eligible if already in training
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Who can get TTAF?

All domestic students eligible for government tuition subsidies are eligible to access TTAF. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you've studied before or if you've used any Fees Free entitlement.

If you have a visa that means you can work in New Zealand, TTAF will pay your industry training fees.

To check your residency status can contact Immigration New Zealand on 0508 558 855.

TTAF eligibility information
People of all ages can get TTAF
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How can I apply?

You don't need to make an application. Your fees will be paid to your provider automatically when you sign up for a programme on the TTAF list.

Providers include New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST) subsidiaries, wānanga, private training establishments and universities.

To do an apprenticeship or industry training you'll need to sign up through a transitional Industry Training Organisation (ITO). Some NZIST subsidiaries and private training establishments offer alternative apprenticeship schemes.

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