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Kaihanga Pahi/​Kaiwhakarākei Waka

Alternative titles for this job

Coachbuilders manufacture and assemble frames, panels and parts for vehicles such as buses and motor homes. Vehicle trimmers install and repair the upholstery of vehicles.


New coachbuilders/trimmers usually earn

$17-$20 per hour

Experienced coachbuilders/trimmers usually earn

$23-$26 per hour

Source: Careers Directorate – Tertiary Education Commission research, 2017

Job opportunities

Chances of getting a job as a coachbuilder/trimmer are good due to a shortage of workers and high demand for their services.
A welder wearing a protective face mask and helmet kneels down to weld a panel on a car

Coachbuilders build and repair structures and panels on a wide variety of vehicles

Last updated 3 August 2018