How to make a career decision

Find out how you can compare options you're interested in, get advice and pick the right career for you.

How to make a career decision – video

Having trouble choosing a career? We give you top tips on how to make the right choice for you (video – 1.59 mins).

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Compare your options

If you're choosing between several options, take a look at each one and ask yourself these important questions.

  • How well does this option fit with my skills, values, personality and interests?
  • Can I grow in this career?
  • How will this option affect the rest of my life – my family, friends, interests and other time commitments?

Use our pros and cons worksheet to help you consider all your options.

Ask for help and advice from other people

Talking to other people about which option might be best can help you see things in a new light. 

People you could talk to include:

  • your family
  • your friends – they may have been in a similar situation, and can tell you what affected their choices
  • a school career adviser or a career consultant
  • course advisers at universities and polytechs
  • people working in the job or industry you are considering – they may help you get a better idea of whether you're right for the role.

Talking to parents about careers – video

How do you talk to your parents about careers? Five students discuss how they convinced their parents to let them do the career they want (video – 2.27mins).

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I talked to a horticultural consultant about whether it would be better to do a horticulture degree or a diploma. I decided on a degree, because that could lead into orchard management, rather than just orchard work.

Nick Arnst

Nick Arnst

Horticulture Student

Consider jobs in demand

When faced with a few options, check out if there are shortages of the job in New Zealand – these jobs are in demand and it may be easier to find work.

What if you're still not certain?

Sometimes you may look at all of your options and find that none are right for you.

That's okay too – there are more possibilities out there and you may change your career throughout your life.

Updated 10 Jan 2018