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  • Immigration Officer | Āpiha Whakahaere Manene


    Immigration officers control the entry of people from other countries into New Zealand, assessing visa applications from people who wish to visit, study, work or reside in NZ.

  • Train Driver | Kaitaraiwa Rerewhenua


    Train drivers drive passenger or freight trains to destinations. They may also shift (shunt) carriages and wagons using trains or remote controls.

  • Air Traffic Controller | Kaiwhakahaere Huarahi Rererangi


    Air traffic controllers direct the safe and orderly movement of aircraft while they are flying, landing, taking off and taxiing.

  • Just the Job

    Find out about Just the Job, a television series that gives secondary students practical insight into a range of career paths.

  • Environmental Scientist | Kaipūtaiao Ao Tūroa


    Environmental scientists study the environment and how plants, animals and other organisms are affected by it. They also study external influences, such as pollutants, and advise how to avoid or reduce harmful effects on the environment.

  • Barrister | Rōia Kōti


    Barristers give legal advice and appear on behalf of clients in civil, family and criminal cases in courts and tribunals.

  • Jobs Galore

    A reference book of jobs in New Zealand with information for each job about pay, job opportunities, tasks, duties and the skills and training required.

  • Agricultural/Horticultural Scientist | Kaipūtaiao Ahuwhenua


    Agricultural/horticultural scientists study farm animals, soils, pastures and crops to improve growth, health and quality, and to prevent pests and disease.

  • Auditor | Kaitātari Kaute


    Auditors examine and report on the financial records and systems of organisations to ensure they are accurate.

  • Boat Builder | Kaihanga Waka


    Boat builders build, repair, and sometimes design boats and their interiors. This can include furnishings, engines, electrics and plumbing.