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Professional Sportsperson

Kaiwhakataetae Ngaio

Professional sportspeople take part in competitive national and international sports such as rugby, cricket, golf, horse racing, and tennis, or may be employed as lifeguards.

Job opportunities

Pay for professional sportspeople varies depending on the sport, the individual's ability, and their performance.

Recreation Co-ordinator

Kaiwhakarite Hākinakina

Recreation co-ordinators plan and manage community leisure programmes and events at a variety of venues.

Job opportunities

Recreation co-ordinators usually earn
$33K-$49K per year

Senior recreation co-ordinators usually earn
$39K-$67K per year

Personal Trainer/​Fitness Instructor

Kaiwhakangungu Tinana/​Kaiwhakaako Whakapakari

Personal trainers/fitness instructors help people to improve their general fitness or to train for special events through individual programmes or classes.

Job opportunities

Fitness instructors usually earn
$14-$35 per hour

Personal trainers usually earn
$25 -$35 per hour



Divers work underwater and do a variety of tasks such as construction work, retrieving property from wrecked ships, commercial seafood gathering, photography, police work, and dive instructing. They may work close to shore, out at sea, or in lakes and rivers.

Job opportunities

Newly qualified divers with one to five years’ experience usually earn
$29K-$40K per year

Divers with more than five years’ experience usually earn
$40K-$80K per year

Sports Coach/​Official

Pouako/​Kātipa Hākinakina

Sports coaches/officials coach and instruct athletes, and are the officials in charge of sporting events.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
>1 year

Entry-level coaches usually earn
$33K per year

Regional and national coaches usually earn
$53K-$146K per year

Outdoor Recreation Guide/​Instructor

Kaiārahi o Waho/​Kaiwhakaako o Waho

Outdoor recreation guides and instructors teach or guide outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking, diving, skiing, hunting, fishing, climbing, tramping and caving.

Job opportunities

New outdoor recreation guides/instructors usually earn
$33K-$46K per year

Outdoor recreation guides/instructors with over three years' experience usually earn
$46K-$58K per year


Kaikimi/​Kaihopu Kararehe

Hunters and trappers trap or shoot animals for food, pelts (skins), fur, research, or to remove pests.

Job opportunities

Pay for hunters and trappers largely depends on the type of work they are doing and how experienced they are.