Building a new career

A builder cutting timber with a power-saw on a building site

Find out how Justin Pescini changed careers with a carpentry apprenticeship.

Turning a dream into a reality

Changing careers is a big step, but for Justin Pescini it’s been worth it.  

Doing a carpentry apprenticeship has given Justin the opportunity for ongoing employment as a well-paid tradesperson.

Justin had a long career as a police officer but always wanted to be able to build his own house one day.

“When I decided to leave my previous job I asked my neighbour who is in the construction industry, and he asked a friend who owned a building company. A month later, I had a job.”

Changing careers – not as hard as you think

Justin's interest in building and the promise of a trade qualification at the end of his apprenticeship meant he moved from one industry to another easily.

The people skills he’d gained as a police officer also helped him shift into his new career.

“There were no real difficulties when I changed careers. Financially it was hard, but before I made the change I planned my household budget. When I realised it was possible to do the apprenticeship I decided to go for it.”

Building a career to be proud of

One thing Justin loves about being a builder is the satisfaction of looking back and seeing something he’s created.

“I‘m really proud of two big cladding jobs I worked on. The city art gallery and a building on Cuba Street in Wellington both took a long time due to having to line up lots of tricky joins. It was definitely worth it though, because the end results look amazing.”

Justin says anyone considering a career in construction should go for it because there is plenty of work and you have some job security.

The great thing about being trade-qualified is that if you try other careers later you can always come back to the trade.

Training for a career in construction

A carpentry apprenticeship can take between three to four years to complete, depending on the employer. The apprenticeship included a year of night courses, first aid certification and a site-safe course.

Justin recently completed his apprenticeship and is now a qualified builder. 

“My life experience has also been useful on the job when dealing with customers and colleagues.”

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Updated 18 Dec 2019