How a career change can benefit you

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A career change could improve your life in many ways.

Thinking about a career change? Benefits could include improvements to your mental health, skill set and financial position.

Improve your mental health

According to BusinessNZ, mental health is ranked in the top five main causes of workplace absence in New Zealand. Not enjoying your job, working in a stressful environment, or having too much work to do could all have negative effects on your mental health. A career change could be the key to making things better.

A change in career could have significant benefits for your mental health, including:

  • improvements in sleep quality due to less stress and better working hours
  • better relationships with your colleagues, making your job more enjoyable
  • a change in management style, giving you more independence and a greater sense of purpose
  • improved work-life balance, allowing you to lead a more fulfilling life.

By working in a job you enjoy, your overall mental wellbeing is likely to improve.

Grow your skill set

A major benefit of changing careers is the opportunity to gain new skills. Employers appreciate applicants who are looking to learn, grow and improve themselves.

Your career change could grow your skill set by:

  • expanding your knowledge
  • gaining new experiences
  • facing new challenges
  • learning to work with a wider range of people
  • pushing yourself to try different things.

Earn more money

Money isn't everything, but the opportunity to improve your financial situation can be a good motivation to change careers. According to Seek, the following industries had the most significant salary increases over the past 10 years:

  • Science and technology – 75%
  • Community services and development – 63%
  • Healthcare and medical – 53%
  • Manufacturing, transport and logistics – 50%
  • Construction – 38%
  • Hospitality and tourism – 36%

You could also visit the Sorted website to get advice on how your current financial position may be affected if you choose to change careers.

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Updated 7 Jan 2021