How to have a successful remote job interview

Young man having an online interview on laptop

Tips on how to prepare for a video interview and get a job.

Many job interviews are being held remotely using video software. These tips will help you to succeed in your interview.

Do your research

Make sure you know who is interviewing you, information about the company you’ll be working for, and details of the work you’ll be doing.

Read the job description carefully and think about how you’ll answer questions about your ability and experience.

Use websites and social media to research the company you’ll be working for and find out about its core values, history and position in the market place or industry.

Be prepared

Read the interview instructions carefully and make sure the required software is installed on your computer or device. Software used for remote interviews includes Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Before the interview, test your computer and internet connection so you know your web-cam, microphone and audio work properly. Video-call a friend to make sure you are seen and heard clearly. Remember to charge your device or have it plugged in and ready to go.

Print out your CV to refer to and prepare questions to ask. Have a pen and paper handy for taking notes during the interview.

Have a back-up plan

It’s a good idea to have another device ready in case your connection or computer fails during the interview. Switch to a fully-charged smart phone or tablet with the correct software installed to continue if something goes wrong.

Keep the interviewer’s contact details handy to let them know if you need to switch devices.

Avoid distractions

Choose a private, quiet room that is well lit for your video interview. Make sure any other people in the house know to be quiet during that time.

Turn off your phone and any devices that may interrupt your interview.

Make sure your room is neat and tidy and your video background is free from distractions. Ideally, have a blank wall behind you.

Be professional

Think, act and dress as if you’re at a face-to-face interview, and be professional. Speak clearly and stay focused. 

Smile and look at the camera to make virtual eye contact with the interviewer. Place your web-cam or device at eye level to avoid bad angles or views of the ceiling or floor.

Create a good impression

The remote interview is your best opportunity to make a good impression. Show your interest by demonstrating your ability for the role and knowledge of the company. Be positive, professional and share your skills.

Show the interviewer you’re right for the role by being well-prepared, friendly and respectful. Try to relax and focus on why you want the job and why it’s a good fit for you.

Updated 21 Nov 2023