How to prepare for an audition-style job interview

Man giving a presentation at an audition-style interview

In an audition-style job interview you demonstrate the skills you’re being interviewed about.

Audition-style interviews are more common overseas, but their use is increasing locally as interviewers use them to learn more about their job candidates.

In an audition-style interview your interviewer might ask you to do a role play or give a presentation.

Why employers run audition-style interviews

Employers sometimes like to try new things to get a better idea about a job seeker’s true skills and abilities.

In audition-style interviews, employers often ask questions during the interview to find out if you can:

  • work under stress and time pressure
  • make quick decisions
  • explain or justify your thoughts and decisions
  • solve problems and challenges.

Behavioural interviews are more common, but candidates can rehearse answers to the questions they expect to be asked.

How audition-style interviews can be good for you

Some job seekers prefer audition-style interviews to other types because they:

  • can show their abilities
  • get nervous trying to impress in behavioural interviews.

How to prepare for an audition-style interview

Ask the interviewer if your interview will have an audition-style section – they’ll want you to be ready to show what you can do.

If the interview will be audition-style, review your skills and think about how you might be asked to show them.

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Updated 2 Oct 2019