Quiz: Are you prepared for your job hunt?

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Answer 10 questions to discover how ready you are for job hunting.

If you’re well prepared, it makes it easier to apply for your dream job when you see it.

Take our quiz to discover how ready you are for your job hunt.


Is your answer yes or no?

  1. My CV is up-to-date.
  2. Someone has proofread my CV.
  3. I know how to write a good cover letter.
  4. I have documents like my NZ Record of Achievement and academic record.
  5. I have an up-to-date LinkedIn account.
  6. I have suitable interview clothes.
  7. I know the best way to answer typical interview questions.
  8. I’m happy with what employers can see on my social media accounts.
  9. I make time to search for and apply for jobs.
  10. I’ve told people I know that I’m looking for a new job.


Over five yes answers

You’re well prepared for job hunting.

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Five yes answers

You’re getting prepared for job hunting.

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Under five yes answers

A good start to your job hunting.

Find helpful hints about how to launch yourself into the world of work with our beginner’s guide to job hunting ebook.

Updated 3 Oct 2019