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Dairy Farmer

Kaiahuwhenua Miraka Kau

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Dairy farmers feed, care for and milk herds of cows on farms. 


Dairy farmers in charge of herds or running a farm usually earn

$46K-$53K per year

Experienced dairy farm managers and dairy farm owners usually earn between

$67K-$71K per year

Source: Federated Farmers/Rabobank, 'Farm Employee Remuneration Survey', 2015/2016.

Job opportunities

Chances of getting a job as a dairy farmer are good due to high demand for experienced dairy herd and farm managers.
A dairy farmer and worker standing in the pit in a milking shed with cows

Dairy farmers usually employ and train staff to milk cows (Photo courtesy of Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre)

Last updated 17 July 2018