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Security Officer/​Guard

Āpiha Whakamarumaru/​Tūtei Whakamarumaru

Alternative titles for this job

Security officers/guards patrol or guard an area or building to prevent fire, trespassing, theft or vandalism. They may also complete investigations for individuals and businesses, or provide personal protection to a client.


Security officers/guards with up to three years’ experience usually earn

$17-$18 per hour

Security officers/guards with more than three years’ experience usually earn

$18-$33 per hour

Source: Statistics New Zealand; NZ Security Association, 2017.

Job opportunities

Chances of getting a job as a security officer/guard are good due to a shortage of workers.
A security officer/guard monitors closed-circuit television screens

Security officers/guards monitor buildings to keep them safe

Last updated 14 August 2018