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  • Organisations that help migrants in New Zealand

    Need help with your plans to move to New Zealand, or need information now that you've arrived? Check out the pages below to see how Careers New Zealand and other organisations can help you.

  • Career Kete: Decide and Prepare

    Decide and Prepare helps students in years 11-13 to make choices about tertiary education and work and prepare for the move from school.

  • Know Your Skills and Know Your CV

    The Know Your Skills and Know Your CV online learning modules have been replaced with two videos that contain the same information.

  • The magic of myths

    The magic of myths online resource provides teachers, kaiako and career educators with tools and tips about using kōrero pūrākau or Māori myths and legends to connect with students about their future pathways. This resource can also help you share the magic of kōrero pūrākau with whānau, and help parents connect with their children about their future directions.

  • How Maui got his name/Ka Tapaina a Māui

    How Maui Got His Name illustration by Andrew Burdan.

  • Year 7 and 8 benchmarks

    The Career Development Benchmarks: Year 7 and 8 are a self-review tool for schools to assess and improve the quality of their career development for Year 7 and 8 students.

  • Review your career practice

    This step-by-step guide helps career lead teachers and career lead teams investigate the extent and effectiveness of career development practice in their schools and tertiary organisations.

  • Career Education in Practice handbook

    Download a guide to help secondary schools manage and develop their career education programmes.

  • Timeline of career theories and models

    This timeline shows how career theories have evolved over time.

  • About this site

    Find Careers New Zealand's site map and access keys, and learn how you can use our material.