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Animator/​Digital Artist

Kaiwhakahauora/​Ringa Toi Mamati

Animators/digital artists use traditional and digital media, such as drawing, models, photography, and image capture and manipulation software to create still and moving images for print, web, television or film.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
<3 years

Animators/digital artists who work as freelance workers usually earn
$35K-$146K per year

Animators/digital artists in full-time employment usually earn
$33K-$100K per year


Kaihanga Tohu

Signmakers design, print and install signs in a range of materials, for indoor and outdoor use. They use computer technology, and occasionally produce signage by hand.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
4 years

Newly qualified signmakers usually earn
$33K-$50K per year

Signmakers with at least five years' experience usually earn
$60K-$90K per year



Artists turn creative ideas into works of art using media such as paint, clay, wood and stone.

Job opportunities

Pay for artists varies depending on your ability, how productive you are and what type of work you do.

Graphic Designer

Kaihoahoa Whakairoiro

Graphic designers create artwork or designs for published, printed or electronic media, such as magazines, brochures and websites. They may also help to develop television advertisements.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-3 years

Graphic designers with one to five years’ experience usually earn
$32K-$65K per year

Senior graphic designers with more than five years’ experience usually earn
$65K-$85K per year