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Data Entry Operator/​Transcriptionist

Kaiwhakauru Raraunga/​Kaipatopato Kōrero

Data entry operators/transcriptionists transcribe and copy information that is spoken or written.

Job opportunities

Data entry operators/transcriptionists usually earn
$32K-$45K per year

Specialist medical typists usually earn
$37K-$44K per year

Records Adviser

Kaiwhakahaere Kōnae

Records advisers set up and monitor electronic and paper systems so staff in their organisations can file, track, find and correctly dispose of records. They also help staff with filing enquiries.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-4 years

Records advisers with one to five years' experience usually earn
$38K-$52K per year

Records advisers in senior roles and with more than five years' experience usually earn
$60K-$100K per year


Kaiwhakatau Manuhiri

Receptionists greet visitors and clients and deal with enquiries and requests. Their work includes scheduling appointments, keeping records, and doing other administration tasks.

Job opportunities

Receptionists usually earn
$35K-$50K per year

Personal Assistant

Kaiāwhina Whaiaro

Personal assistants provide administrative, secretarial, and general support to senior managers. They may also be responsible for budgets and financial planning.

Job opportunities

Personal assistants usually earn
$48K-$65K per year

Executive assistants usually earn
$50K-$90K per year

Administration Officer

Āpiha Whakahaere Mahi

Administration officers perform a range of administrative tasks to ensure an organisation runs efficiently.

Job opportunities

Administration officers with less than a year's experience usually earn
$35K-$45K per year

Experienced administration officers usually earn
$38K-$62K per year

Contact Centre Worker

Kaimahi Pokapū Whakapā

Contact centre workers answer enquiries and provide or organise help for those who contact them. They may also deal with customer complaints, or sell goods or services.

Job opportunities

Contact centre workers usually earn
$39K-$52K per year



Secretaries format and proofread documents, and carry out other administrative duties in support of managers, legal professionals, and other professionals.

Job opportunities

Secretaries usually earn
$36K-$68K per year

Office Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Tari

Office managers organise and supervise the activities of an office including administrative systems and office personnel.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-3 years

Office managers usually earn
$50K-$78K per year

Customs/​Freight Broker

Kaiwhakawhiti Taupare/​Utanga

Customs/freight brokers arrange the clearance and collection of imported cargo from customs and bond stores, and the shipment of cargo for export.

Job opportunities

Customs/freight brokers usually earn
$35K-$100K per year