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Drillers assemble, position, and operate drilling rigs and related equipment to extract ores, liquids, and gases from the earth.

Job opportunities

New drillers usually earn
$50K-$70K per year

Experienced drillers and those working in the oil and gas industry usually earn
$70K-$150K per year

Miner/​Quarry Worker

Kaimahi Huke Kōwaro

Miners and quarry workers operate machinery and equipment to extract and remove coal, minerals or rocks from underground and surface mines, or quarry sites, and may process them further into roading or construction aggregate, or industrial or agricultural lime.

Job opportunities

Miners/quarry workers usually earn
$60K-$80K per year

Mine/​Quarry Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Huke Kōwaro

Mine and quarry managers plan, organise and co-ordinate activities involved in removing and processing materials in a quarry or mine. They are usually responsible for all activities on a work site including production, maintenance and transport.

Job opportunities

Mine and quarry managers usually earn
$100K-$210K per year