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Māngai Hokohoko

Auctioneers take charge of public or private auctions. They sell goods, property or livestock on behalf of the owner (or vendor) to people offering the highest price.

Job opportunities

Auctioneers usually get paid on commission, so how much they earn depends on the value of sales at the auctions they conduct.

Retail Sales Assistant

Kaiāwhina Hokohoko

Retail sales assistants help customers pick out goods, and collect payment for purchases.

Job opportunities

Retail sales assistants usually earn
$33K-$45K per year

Service Station Attendant

Kaihoko Penehini/​Hinu

Service station attendants help motorists get petrol, gas or oil for their vehicle, and sell motoring accessories and food items.

Job opportunities

Service station attendants usually earn
$16 per hour

Retail Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Hokohoko

Retail managers organise and manage the running of retail stores.

Job opportunities

Assistant retail managers earn an average of
$17 per hour

Retail managers earn an average of
$22 per hour



Buyers purchase goods to sell in warehouses, shops or department stores.

Job opportunities

Buyers usually start on about
$42K per year

Buyers with five or more years' experience may earn up to
$115K per year


Kaihoko Putiputi

Florists design and prepare flower arrangements, and sell flowers, indoor plants and accessories such as vases and baskets.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
0-3 years

Florists with less than three years' experience usually earn
$16-$20 per hour

Senior florists with three or more years' experience usually earn
$20-$25 per hour