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Kaiwhakahaere Mīraka Kau

Sharemilkers either milk a dairy farmer's cows for a profit share, or own a herd of cows and milk them on an owner's land for a profit share.

Job opportunities

Sharemilkers usually earn
$64K-$97K per year

Farm Assistant

Kaimahi Pāmu

Farm assistants help farmers with a variety of tasks, including raising and caring for animals, repairs and maintenance, tractor work and other farming activities.

Job opportunities

Farm assistants usually earn
$55K-$60K per year

Dairy Herd Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Māpu Kau

Dairy herd managers run daily dairy farming operations such as feeding and milking cows, monitoring animal health and environmental management.

Job opportunities

Assistant dairy herd managers usually earn
$48K-$88K per year

Experienced dairy herd managers usually earn
$51K-$90K per year

Dairy Farmer

Kaiahuwhenua Miraka Kau

Dairy farmers plan and manage milk production by cows, maintain pasture and monitor environmental impacts on farms.

Job opportunities

Dairy farm assistants and herd managers usually earn an average of
$55K-$67K per year

Dairy farm managers and operations managers usually earn an average of
$83K-$103K per year

Orchard Farmer/​Manager

Kaipāmu Uru Hua Rākau/​Kaiwhakahaere Uru Hua Rākau

Orchard farmers/managers plan and manage fruit and nut production in orchards.

Job opportunities

Orchard farmers/managers with up to five years' experience usually earn
$55K-$110K per year

Orchard farmers/managers working for large organisations usually earn
$120K-$180K per year

Nursery Grower/​Worker

Kaiwhakatipu/​Kaimahi Otaota

Nursery growers/workers grow young plants, flowers, trees and shrubs for sale or for use in parks and gardens.

Job opportunities

Nursery growers/workers usually earn
$23-$25 per hour

Senior nursery growers/workers usually earn
$25-$31 per hour