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Musicians write, arrange, conduct, and perform musical compositions.

Job opportunities

Pay rates for musicians vary depending on their ability, how often they work, and what type of music they play.

Tattoo Artist

Kaitoi Tinana

Tattoo artists use sterilised skin-piercing equipment and ink or jewellery to decorate people's skin.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
<1 year

Pay rates for tattoo artists vary depending on your talent and how well you promote your service.

Visual Merchandiser

Kaiwhakatū Taonga ā-Matapihi

Visual merchandisers arrange goods and make displays in shops, shop windows and at events to attract the attention of customers.

Job opportunities

Visual merchandisers who work in-store usually earn
$39K-$55K per year

Visual merchandisers who oversee multiple stores usually earn
$55K-$200K per year

Animator/​Digital Artist

Kaiwhakahauora/​Ringa Toi Mamati

Animators and digital artists use software, models, photography and drawings to create still and moving images for advertisements, film, print, web or television. 

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3 years

New animators/digital artists usually earn
$19-$20 per hour

Experienced animators/digital artists usually earn
$20-$75 per hour

Event Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Tauwhāinga

Event managers plan, organise, promote and run events, conferences and functions for a variety of organisations, communities, groups and individuals.

Job opportunities

New event managers usually earn
$39K-$45K per year

Event managers with three or more years' experience usually earn
$46K-$65K per year