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Landscape Architect

Kaihoahoa Whenua

Landscape architects plan, design and advise on the construction of urban, rural, residential and public landscapes. They also manage and conserve natural or heritage landscapes and public open spaces.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
4 years

Graduate landscape architects usually earn
$42K-$60K per year

Landscape architects with two to 10 years' experience usually earn
$45K-$90K per year


Pouherenga Kōrero o-Mua

Historians research, write and present information about events and people of the past and present. They may also teach history.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
>5 years

Historians employed in universities or the public sector usually earn
$42K-$120K per year


Kaituhi Pānui

Copywriters design and create print, digital, social media, video, television and radio advertisements.

Job opportunities

New copywriters usually earn
$60K-$70K per year

Copywriters with more than two years' experience usually earn
$65K-$150K per year