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Kaituhi Pukapuka

Authors write stories, scripts, poems, blogs or plays for publication or production, to entertain and inform people.

Job opportunities

Pay rates for authors vary depending on the success of their works.

Radio Presenter

Māngai Reo Irirangi

Radio presenters prepare and present news, music, interviews and other radio programmes to entertain and inform audiences.

Job opportunities

Radio presenters with up to five years' experience usually earn
$48K-$70K per year

Senior radio presenters usually earn
$70K-$90K per year

Visual Merchandiser

Kaiwhakatū Taonga ā-Matapihi

Visual merchandisers arrange goods and make displays in shops, shop windows and at events to attract the attention of customers.

Job opportunities

Visual merchandisers who work in-store usually earn
$48K-$55K per year

Visual merchandisers who oversee multiple stores usually earn
$55K-$200K per year