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Job search results

Cafe/​Restaurant Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Toa Kawhe/​Wharekai

Cafe/restaurant managers are in charge of running cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets. They may also run catering businesses.

Job opportunities

Cafe/restaurant assistant duty managers usually earn
$21-$22 per hour

Cafe/restaurant general managers usually earn
$22-$34 per hour

Maitre d’Hotel

Kaiwhakarite Hōtera

Maitres d'hotel oversee the service of food and beverages to guests in restaurants and other eating places. They also check reservations, greet guests and supervise the waiting staff.

Job opportunities

Maitres d’hotel usually earn
$21-$30 per hour

Records Adviser

Kaiwhakahaere Kōnae

Records advisers create and monitor electronic and paper filing systems so that records can be filed, found, tracked and disposed of.

Job opportunities

Records advisers usually earn
$44K-$58K per year

Experienced records advisers usually earn
$58K-$103K per year