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Kaitiaki Pūranga

Archivists assess, organise, store and provide access to records and documents of long-term historical or research value. They also advise people and organisations about their archives.


Archivists with up to four years' experience usually earn

$40K-$60K per year

Archivists with five or more years' experience usually earn

$60K-$70K per year

Source: Careers Directorate – TEC research, 2018.

Job opportunities

Chances of getting a job as an archivist are average due to stable numbers of people in the role and high competition for positions.
Susan Jenkins, archivist, looks at a very large historical volume on a stack of similar books on a trolley near a scanner

Archivists preserve historical items and describe them accurately so others can find them

Last updated 13 March 2018