Project Lumana'i

Project Lumana’i is a programme of research into the needs of Pasifika young people, families and teachers to inform the creation of career support resources that are more relevant and engaging for them.

Please note: on 1 July 2017, the staff and functions of Careers New Zealand transferred to the Tertiary Education Commission.

New Zealand’s Pacific peoples are a diverse group with the fastest growing young population − just under half (46.1%) are less than 20 years old, compared with 27.4% for the total population. By 2026, it is projected that Pacific peoples will be 10% of New Zealand’s population, compared to 7.4% in 2013.

With such a young population, now is the right time for agencies to develop digital tools and resources that support Pasifika young people making learning and work choices.

The Pacific Adolescent Career Pathways (PACP) report, a longitudinal study commissioned by five agencies in 2011, showed a lack of career planning by Pasifika young people in secondary education (Years 9-11). The findings from Project Lumana’i will help address this by guiding the development of engaging, interactive and visual learning to highlight the value of career planning for Pasifika young people.

Careers New Zealand will respond to Project Lumana’i by developing effective digital tools and resources that Pasifika young people can use alongside their parents, families and teachers to explore their interests and talents, discover the wide range of options available, raise career aspirations and make a career plan.

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Updated 30 Jun 2017