Statement of Performance Expectations

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On 1 July 2017, the staff and functions of Careers New Zealand transferred to the Tertiary Education Commission.

Statement of Performance Expectations 2016-2017

In May 2016 the government announced its intention to transfer Careers New Zealand’s functions into the Tertiary Education Commission. This was an outcome of the Careers System Review, and will combine the strengths and networks of both organisations to make for a more effective careers system for New Zealand. Legislation to enable the transition is scheduled for the third quarter 2016/17 and, if passed, the actual transition will follow. In 2016/17 Careers New Zealand is committed to successfully delivering the work programme described in this Statement of Performance Expectations, while also working closely with the Tertiary Education Commission to ensure a smooth transfer of staff, resources and functions.

We continue our focus on getting young New Zealanders more career ready by supporting them to make informed choices about learning and work, in order to build a better future for themselves and New Zealand. We will continue to prioritise young New Zealanders between 11-24 years old, particularly Māori and Pasifika, and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. We will do this through our online digital resources, the professional development services we provide for career influencers, and our work connecting employers and educators.

Our approach will continue to be digital by default, to reach the most people in the most appropriate and cost effective way. To more strongly reflect the central place of our digital resources, these are now the first group of services described in our 2016/17 Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE), reversing the order of the 2015/16 SPE and 2015-2019 Statement of Intent (SOI).

This SPE describes how we will continue to implement the strategic direction set out in our 2015-2019 SOI. Last year was the first year covered by the SOI and it was a successful year for us – we are starting from a great place. A recent survey by Nielsen showed 70% of people aged 15-24 know about us and, of those who knew about us, 84% trust our information and advice. Our levels of staff engagement and morale at the start of the year had lifted to amongst the highest in the public sector – a lift on previous levels described by IBM Kenexa as "unprecedented". This provided the basis for a year in which we began successfully implementing new ideas and approaches. Through this we learned how we can build on and continue to improve these initiatives, and this is reflected in the mix of products and services we will deliver in 2016/17.

It was also a year of important developments for the education sector agencies. Following a shared vision and planning process between seven education agencies and the State Services Commission, we have committed to jointly addressing the key areas where we see the most need for, and the most potential impact of, a collaborative approach. Collectively we will jointly power up learners, parents, communities and employers to influence the quality of teaching and learning and lift achievement. We will also improve our information management and technology, providing the evidence, data and knowledge to allow these groups, education professionals and government agencies to make the best possible decisions. 2016/17 will be the first full year of putting this new way of working together as a more unified sector into practice.

Using the new Education System Stewardship Blueprint as a guide, we have some new points of emphasis for 2016/17 for how we can most effectively implement our strategy and make our most significant contribution to New Zealand’s education and employment future. Our three new key points of emphasis are:

  • ensure we are taking a system and sector view, working jointly with others and understanding where we can make our greatest contribution and impact. This will involve working with others to make use of big data to understand needs and better target products and services and work in a more joined up way. We will work more collaboratively with partner government agencies from the education, employment and social services sectors
  • be more focused on how we can assist employers by gaining a deeper understanding of their needs and together helping build the skilled workforce New Zealand needs in the 21st century
  • collaborate more with private and not-for-profit sector partners to develop tools and initiatives and bring them to customers more quickly through use of prototyping approaches.

We look forward to a year in which our passionate and expert staff, working with all our stakeholders, reach more young New Zealanders with even better careers information, resources and advice. We continue to work towards making every young New Zealander career ready so they, and New Zealand, have the best future possible.

Dale Karauria
Board Chair
Careers New Zealand
Mana Rapuara Aotearoa
30 June 2016

Keith Marshall
Chief Executive
Careers New Zealand
Mana Rapuara Aotearoa
30 June 2016 

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Updated 30 Jun 2017