How to talk to your teens about poor NCEA results

Talking with your teen needn't be painful

Unexpected NCEA results can create uncertainty and stress. Find out how to talk to your rangatahi about what next.

Advice for migrants: How to look for work in New Zealand

iStock 600000530 look

Discover the best ways to look for jobs in New Zealand and develop your job search strategy using different approaches.

Advice for migrants: How to apply for a job in New Zealand

iStock 854882156 apply

You've found a job you'd like to apply for and it's time to prepare your application. Find out about the different ways to apply.

Advice for migrants: How to approach a New Zealand employer for a job

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Understanding New Zealand (Kiwi) culture and knowing how to talk to employers will help you make the most of job opportunities when they happen.

Advice for migrants: How to prepare for an interview in New Zealand

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Find out how to prepare for a New Zealand job interview where you will usually be assessed on your behaviour in previous work situations.

Advice for migrants: How to settle into a new job in New Zealand

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You've got the job, now find out about what you need to know to help you settle in during your first weeks.

The future is bright for non-degree science, engineering and trades careers

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With the first year of tertiary study – or first two years of industry training – now fees free for many school leavers, it’s a great time to get into a career in science, engineering, technology and the trades.

Interview tip – how to answer the Treaty of Waitangi question

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Have you ever been asked in an interview “how will you uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in this job?” or “what is your understanding of the Treaty...

Impress employers with your strong thinking skills

Thinking skills

Find out how to let employers know you have great thinking skills by showing them that you can solve problems, form opinions and have new ideas.

3 ways to impress when you apply for a job

3 ways to impress 2018

If you're applying for jobs, use our ultimate job guide to make your application stand out with a knockout CV and brilliant cover letter.