New Zealand is a growing IT hotspot

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New Zealand information technology (IT) startups are booming and there are plenty of opportunities for career seekers to join in. The good news is you don’t have to write code and live in Silicon Valley to be part of this success story.

IT gender pay gap in NZ: Opening a can of wiry worms

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We explore why women get paid less in tech. 

Dreaming of a career in Māori or Pasifika Arts?

Young men on stage at Polyfest

The Māori and Pasifika arts industry is growing every year. There has never been a more exciting and promising time to pursue a career in the arts.

Creative capital and entrepreneurial skills take the lead in business

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What is creative capitalism and what does it mean for the future of work and new business ideas? New Zealand leads the way in creative start-ups.

Get your geek on: What skills and experience are IT employers looking for?

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Tech is no longer the domain of the introverted maths genius – employers are looking for strong communicators, innovative thinkers and team players.

Where does IT fit in the NZ classroom?

Children Play With Technology

New educational apps and classroom software will help teachers enrich students’ learning experiences. But can they help our students make informed career choices? The information technology (IT) sector in New...

Shining a light on jobs in New Zealand with the best prospects – are they for you?

A woman stands in an office, holding a laptop

Find out about six popular jobs that are set to grow, according to a recent report.

Set students up with the right skills for future success

A young female forestry apprentice working with others in a forest

How do you make sure students are being smart about the subjects they study, without trampling on their dreams? Get some tips on how to approach this.

Oh no, school's back and I'm stuck!

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Back to study and wondering if you’ve made the wrong choice? We’ve got a great tool to help you. Find out more about Career Checker.

Finding the right role models for our young ones

Sela Alo and Pua Magasiva in the radio studio with headphones and microphones

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber are popular, work hard and have careers filled with variety. Successful as they are, would you describe them as role models for our youth? Where are our local, brave success stories?