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Biomedical Engineer

Mataaro Rongoā Koiora

Alternative titles for this job

Biomedical engineers design, build and maintain medical equipment, artificial body parts and computer programs to help treat disabilities, diseases, or injuries.


Biomedical engineers with up to 10 years' experience usually earn

$49K-$72K per year

Senior biomedical engineers with over 10 years' experience usually earn

$72K-$120K per year

Source: PSA and DHB, 'Collective Agreement', 2017.

Job opportunities

Chances of getting a job as a biomedical engineer are good due to a shortage of workers.
Nanotechnologist Michelle Dickinson sits at a computer in a medical laboratory

Michelle Dickinson breaks and tests computer software to solve health problems (Photo: Futureintech)

Last updated 1 October 2018