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Chemical Engineer

Mataaro Matū

Chemical engineers design, develop and operate the processes and equipment used to change raw materials into useful products. They may work in a range of areas including environmental engineering, biochemical engineering, food engineering or waste engineering.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3-4 years

Graduate chemical engineers usually earn
$45K-$75K per year

Senior chemical engineers who work as team leaders or managers usually earn
$100K-$120K per year

Security Analyst

Kaitātari Whakamarumaru

Security analysts create and monitor security processes and frameworks to protect an organisation's information systems and computer networks from being illegally accessed.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-4 years

Security analysts usually earn
$92K-$137K per year

Test Analyst

Kaitātari Whakamātautau

Test analysts design and carry out testing processes for new and upgraded computer software and systems, analyse the results, and identify and report problems. 

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-3 years

Test analysts earn an average of
$70K-$98K per year


Kaimahi Raka

Locksmiths install, maintain and replace locks, keys, safes, electronic locking devices and access control systems for buildings and vehicles. They may also install and repair security systems.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3 years

Locksmiths with one to three years' experience usually earn
$18-$25 per hour

Qualified locksmiths with more than three years’ experience usually earn
$25-$29 per hour