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Job search results

Window Cleaner

Kaihoroi Matapihi

Window cleaners clean windows and other glass in shops, schools, offices, hospitals and homes.

Job opportunities

New window cleaners usually earn
$19-$20 per hour

Skilled and specialist window cleaners usually earn
$21-$35 per hour

Sales Representative

Kanohi Hokohoko

Sales representatives promote, market and sell products or services to business and professional establishments, or wholesale or retail outlets.

Job opportunities

Sales representatives working for small to medium-sized companies usually earn
$39K-$100K per year

Sales representatives working for large companies usually earn
$50K-$120K per year



Demonstrators show and explain goods and services to potential customers, and promote new lines of products and services.

Job opportunities

Demonstrators with up to three years' experience usually earn
$19-$23 per hour

Demonstrators with three or more years' experience usually earn
$23-$26 per hour

Visual Merchandiser

Kaiwhakatū Taonga ā-Matapihi

Visual merchandisers arrange goods and make displays in shops, shop windows and at events to attract the attention of customers.

Job opportunities

Visual merchandisers who work in-store usually earn
$39K-$55K per year

Visual merchandisers who oversee multiple stores usually earn
$55K-$200K per year

Travel Agent/​Adviser

Māngai Whakarite Haerenga/​Kaitohutohu Whakarite Haerenga

Travel agents/advisers provide information about tourism attractions, sell travel, accommodation, tours and attractions, do ticketing, and process payments.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
<1 year

Travel agents/advisers usually earn
$39K-$55K per year

Senior travel agents/advisers with experience and extra responsibilities usually earn
$55K-$100K per year