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Job search results

Heavy Truck Driver

Kaitaraiwa Taraka Taumaha

Heavy truck drivers drive trucks with or without trailers. They transport materials, livestock, machinery, liquids, general freight, and sometimes hazardous substances.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-2 years

Heavy truck drivers usually earn
$16-$30 per hour

Bank Worker

Kaimahi Whare Pūtea

Bank workers receive deposits and pay out money, keep records of transactions, issue receipts, and advise customers on bank services.

Job opportunities

Bank workers with one to three years’ experience usually earn
$32K-$45K per year

Bank workers in management roles usually earn
$45K-$120K per year

Beauty Therapist

Kaihaumanu Kanohi

Beauty therapists provide beauty treatments for the face, body and nails, such as facials, appearance medicine, laser hair removal and nail painting.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1 year

Beauty therapists usually earn
$33K-$60K per year

Retail Sales Assistant

Kaiāwhina Hokohoko

Retail sales assistants help customers pick out goods, and collect payment for purchases.

Job opportunities

Retail sales assistants usually earn
$33K-$45K per year

Insurance Claims Officer

Āpiha Tono Rīanga

Insurance claims officers decide whether an insurance company will settle a claim.

Job opportunities

Insurance claims officers usually earn
$45K-$75K per year

Team leaders and managers usually earn
$60K-$130K per year

Data Entry Operator/​Transcriptionist

Kaiwhakauru Raraunga/​Kaipatopato Kōrero

Data entry operators/transcriptionists transcribe and copy information that is spoken or written.

Job opportunities

Data entry operators/transcriptionists usually earn
$32K-$45K per year

Specialist medical typists usually earn
$37K-$44K per year

Laundry Worker/​Dry-cleaner

Kaimahi Horoi Kākahu/​Kaiwhakamohani Kākahu

Laundry workers/dry-cleaners clean, wash and care for clothing, curtains and bedding.

Job opportunities

Laundry workers/dry-cleaners usually earn
$16-$20 per hour

Records Adviser

Kaiwhakahaere Kōnae

Records advisers set up and monitor electronic and paper systems so staff in their organisations can file, track, find and correctly dispose of records. They also help staff with filing enquiries.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-4 years

Records advisers with one to five years' experience usually earn
$38K-$52K per year

Records advisers in senior roles and with more than five years' experience usually earn
$60K-$100K per year

Energy Auditor

Kaitātari Pūngao

Energy auditors assess the amount of energy and resources used by buildings, organisations and businesses. Based on the assessment results, they make recommendations on how to make these buildings or organisations more energy efficient.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
>3 years

New energy auditors usually earn
$50K-$70K per year

Energy auditors with five or more years' experience usually earn
$70K-$100K per year