Dream IT job achieved with the help of Work Connect

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Find out how our Work Connect programme helped Malaysian IT professional Rebecca Ng get a job in New Zealand.

We answer the top five questions parents have about NCEA

1200x800 common questions from parents

As a parent you are likely to be new to the world of NCEA and there’s no denying there’s a lot to learn! Read on – we’re answering the top five NCEA questions we receive from parents.

Poor NCEA results – does this mean a change of subjects or direction is a good idea?

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If your teenager had their heart set on a particular course or career, but didn’t get the required NCEA results, find out how to help them explore all their options. 

How do I understand my daughter's NCEA results?

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Continuing our Q & A series – answering questions from parents about their teen's work and learning choices.

Help your teen choose a career they'll love

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Learn about the top 10 questions to ask when having a career chat with your teen

My teen wants to leave school after bad NCEA results – help!

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If your teen wants to leave school after poor NCEA results, find out how to work this through with them and get ideas of places that can help.

How to talk to your teens about poor NCEA results

Talking with your teen needn't be painful

Unexpected NCEA results can create uncertainty and stress. Find out how to talk to your rangatahi about what next.

Advice for migrants: How to look for work in New Zealand

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Discover the best ways to look for jobs in New Zealand and develop your job search strategy using different approaches.

Advice for migrants: How to apply for a job in New Zealand

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You've found a job you'd like to apply for and it's time to prepare your application. Find out about the different ways to apply.

Advice for migrants: How to approach a New Zealand employer for a job

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Understanding New Zealand (Kiwi) culture and knowing how to talk to employers will help you make the most of job opportunities when they happen.