How to use your banking skills after automation

woman talking to a customer

Get ready to move into new roles when banking gets automated. 

Raukawa Paama – plumbing apprentice


Raukawa Paama talks about her plumbing apprenticeship and why she thinks more women should get into a trade.

5 surprising careers in construction

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Here are five jobs in construction that could change your ideas about the industry.  

Develop your knowledge of Asia to expand your career opportunities

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Transitioning from school for young people with autism

Person with autism

How to help your young person with autism move from school to study or work.

4 ways to get ahead in your career faster

Get ahead

Our four key tips on how to progress in your career.

Job of the month – biomedical technician

Job of the month

Download an infographic exploring key facts about biomedical technicians to share with your clients and learners.

5 ways to move from your contact centre career

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Technology may cut contact centre careers. Here's how to use your skills for a new career.

Jobs to keep New Zealand beautiful

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Help protect New Zealand's environment with these in-demand jobs.

Ryan finds his place working with water

Career path water treatment operator heading

Ryan Young started out as a builder but ended up in a different type of hands-on job with the water industry.