Jobs Galore

A reference book of jobs in New Zealand with information for each job about pay, job opportunities, tasks, duties and the skills and training required.


Jobs Galore describes over 400 jobs. The information used comes directly from the Careers New Zealand website. Jobs Galore is produced every two years. You should visit the Jobs database on this website for the most comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Jobs Galore also includes a career planning section that sets out the steps of the career decision-making process. This is a simple, graphical summary of the advice found in the Plan your career section of this website. You can download these pages below.

Jobs Galore 2015 is 210 x 297mm (A4) and contains 516 pages.

Availability and distribution

Reference copies of Jobs Galore are distributed to all state and integrated schools with years 9-13 students. These schools may order up to 10 extra free copies, depending on roll size, and purchase copies over and above the free limit.

Jobs Galore 2015 is $37.31 (GST and delivery incl).

How to order

Updated 11 Nov 2016