Rangatahi Futures Year 11

Creative illustration of historic Aotearoa and its people, flora and fauna

Māori have always been active contributors to the economy. When they arrived in Aotearoa they brought with them the skills and knowledge of their ancestors

Te ao ōhanga Māori
Our place in the economy

The Year 11 modules, Te ao ōhanga Māori, Our place in the economy, explore Māori businesses of the past and today.

Students will find out how businesses are connected to the economy and their whānau, hapū, iwi and communities, and will begin to explore the career opportunities available in the emerging Māori economy.

These modules have been designed to be delivered as a three-hour programme, or five consecutive 40-50 minute lessons.

Each lesson contains key messages aligned to the career management competencies for Year 11. These key messages are delivered through a range of activities, including group and class discussions, games, problem solving and short written exercises that finish with the completion of a career plan.


Updated 21 Nov 2019