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Just the Job

Find out about Just the Job, a television series that gives secondary students practical insight into a range of career paths.

What is Just the Job?

Just the Job is a television series that features young people finding out about jobs through first-hand experience.

Every week three different students try out jobs they are interested in. A mentor is on hand to provide information about the pros and cons of the job.

Just the Job is produced by Dave Mason Productions Ltd.

Where do I find Just the Job episodes?

The Just the Job website has interactive resources and a video library of episodes, as well as a YouTube channel.

You can watch the latest episodes of Just the Job on TVNZ TV On Demand.

Careers New Zealand sends Just the Job DVDs to secondary schools after each series has aired on TV.

Teachers can find out how to purchase additional copies of the DVD by clicking on the link below.

Updated 27 Nov 2020