Kiwi Cards

A resource to use with Year 7 to 9 students to teach them more about the world of work. The cards can be used for icebreakers, games, classroom and individual activities.


Kiwi Cards are designed to increase students’ awareness of the world of work, and to help them reflect on their own interests and strengths and how these might be useful in the future.

Each pack of Kiwi Cards includes two identical sets of 40 Kiwi Cards and an activity guide.

  • The images on the cards have been designed to represent broad job fields and to be gender neutral.
  • The activities in the guide are written to support use of the cards with students in years 7 to 10, but you may find some of them will suit other groups as well.

Kiwi Cards packs are available for download below.

Other activity ideas

The career starter activities, which you can download below, are quick and easy ideas for any classroom. They introduce career-related topics and can be used as stimulus activities at various times in a lesson or sequence of lessons. These do not require Kiwi Cards.

Downloadable components

Updated 11 Nov 2016