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Job search results

Crop Worker

Kaimahi Huangakai

Crop workers assist with the growing and harvesting of fruit, vegetables and other produce on farms, market gardens, orchards and vineyards.

Job opportunities

Crop workers usually earn
$21-$22 per hour

Crop workers who supervise others usually earn
$22-$25 per hour

Forestry and Logging Worker

Kaimahi Waonui/​Tope Rākau

Forestry and logging workers plant, maintain, measure, cut and clear trees from forests.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
>1 year

Trainee forestry and logging workers usually earn
$44K-$65K per year

Qualified forestry and logging workers usually earn
$65K-$75K per year


Kaiparuauru Kerepe

Viticulturists grow and harvest grapes from grapevines, and manage vineyards.

Job opportunities

Vineyard workers and supervisors usually earn
$43K-$53K per year

Vineyard managers and viticulturists usually earn
$63K-$128K per year