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Job search results

Graphic Designer

Kaihoahoa Whakairoiro

Graphic designers create artwork or designs for published, printed or electronic media such as magazines, brochures, television advertisements and websites. 

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3 years

Graphic designers with one to five years’ experience usually earn
$42K-$65K per year

Senior graphic designers with more than five years’ experience usually earn
$65K-$90K per year

Technical Writer

Kaitito Hangarau

Technical writers create content for printed and online media, such as user guides, manuals, intranet and website pages, and present it in a way that can be easily accessed and understood.

Job opportunities

New technical writers usually earn
$45K-$60K per year

Technical writers with one to four years' experience usually earn
$60K-$100K per year


Pouherenga Kōrero o-Mua

Historians research, write and present information about events and people of the past and present. They may also teach history.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
>5 years

Historians employed in universities or the public sector usually earn
$42K-$120K per year