How to make New Zealand's skill shortages work for you

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Where there are skill shortages there can be great opportunities. Rapid technological innovation, an increasingly competitive global market, the Canterbury rebuild, Auckland’s housing boom and an ageing workforce are all helping to create skill shortages in New Zealand. Understanding where these long-term skill shortages are can help you plan your career. 

Why it’s important for students to have real-world experience

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Research suggests that graduates with real-world experience are more desirable to employers than those without. Here we take a look at the importance of work experience for secondary and tertiary students, and at some of the challenges of making it relevant for students.

Using television to initiate a careers discussion with your child

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Using your child's favourite television shows to talk about careers is a great way to engage them about their future, without pushing the issue.

Is distance learning right for you?

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Studying for a tertiary qualification is a big commitment, so it's important to make sure that the study method you choose is right for you. If you would like to study but are unsure about going to university, distance learning might be a good option. 

The employability skills that your next boss is looking for

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We all have skills that can help us get work, but what are the most important ones that employers look for on a CV or job application? Employers aren’t just looking for technical or ‘hard’ skills that will enable you to do the job, they’ll also expect you to have employability or ‘soft’ skills that will make you a valued employee and a great fit for their team.

Help your child make the right choice for their future

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The end of high school can be a difficult time for students who are trying to navigate their way into a career. As parents, your advice is important but it can be hard to know when to step back and let your child work things out for themselves. Our top tips can help you when your child needs to make a career decision.

Choose the right subjects for you

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Have you always known what you wanted to do with your life? Are you just starting to figure it out, or are you stuck making a decision between different career paths? Maybe you've got no idea at all? Choosing the right subjects to study at high school will help set you on a successful path – but how do you know which are the right subjects?

Get the most out of university open days

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Going to university is a big decision so it’s important to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Open days are a great way to find out everything you need to know. 

Women in STEM – where are they?

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Job opportunities in STEM industries are increasing rapidly, but at present only 28 percent of roles are held by women. Take a look at where the opportunities lie and how to get started in a career in STEM.

Job ads – how to understand what an employer wants and nail your application

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Many people looking for jobs find the search process scary – but it doesn't have to be so complicated. Your ability to understand the job advertisement and description is the key to unlocking the door to get the job you want.