How can you get experience without a job?

Q & A with Careers NZ

Discover 10 ways for young people without a job to get the kind of experience employers like.

I don't know what jobs are out there

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Some ideas on how to make an action plan for young people to kick-start their career journey towards the jobs of the future.

Waipuna Hotel gives students behind the scenes view of jobs

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High school students experience the world of hotel work first hand as part of the employer-led Work Inspiration programme.

Career development benchmarks inspiring good practice

Teaching careers in the classroom

The alignment of the career development benchmarks with the Education Council’s Practising Teacher Criteria makes it easier to demonstrate how career development practice can be considered as evidence.

New beginnings in New Zealand with Work Connect

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Find out about Work Connect, a programme that shows international students, skilled migrants and their partners how to prepare for the workforce and develop their employability skills.

Setting your sights on an environmentally sustainable career

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Do you want to contribute to a sustainable environment through your work? Check out the multiple green career possibilities in our rapidly changing world.

How to motivate your teen to find a job they’ll love

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Answering questions from parents about their children's work and learning choices. We give suggestions on how to motivate and support a school leaver to discover their career interests and skills.

Didn’t get the NCEA results you wanted?

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Every January students almost break the internet rushing to check their NCEA results online. But what happens when things don’t go to plan, and a student hasn’t gained enough credits or done as well as they hoped? Here we explore some of the possibilities.


Five ways you can build an unshakeable future

Map of Marlborough fault system

If you are feeling uncertain about your future after the recent earthquakes check out our five suggestions for securing your future career.

MITO and Toyota NZ see the value of employers getting on board with Work Inspiration

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MITO and Toyota NZ are encouraging employers to get on board with the Work Inspiration programme as it has multiple benefits for both students and employers.