Jobs to keep New Zealand beautiful

Apiarist holds honeycomb frame up to camera

Help protect New Zealand's environment with these in-demand jobs.

Natural disasters and climate change have made us aware of the challenges we have protecting our Earth. As a jobseeker, you can try to work for companies that are doing their best to save the environment. As a learner, you can also choose subjects that will lead you toward these types of jobs.

Here are some careers to help the environment that are also currently in demand in New Zealand.


Bees keep plants and crops alive, so without them, humans wouldn’t last very long. New Zealand needs more beekeepers, and it’s reasonably easy to become one.

Qualifications you’ll need: Most skills can be learned on the job, but earning a New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture is helpful.

Who it suits: Beekeepers should be fit, healthy and not allergic to pollen, and have good eyesight. You’ll also need to be observant and good at keeping records.

Useful school subjects: Agricultural and horticultural science, maths and biology.

Environmental scientist

Environmental scientists study changes to the environment and their effects on plants, animals and other organisms, then come up with solutions to protect them.

Qualifications you’ll need: You’ll usually need a Master's degree in environmental science or a related discipline such as chemistry, ecology, engineering or zoology.

Who it suits: You should be a good problem solver, enjoy planning and organising, and be able to communicate your ideas clearly.

Useful school subjects: Agricultural and horticultural science, biology, chemistry, economics, geography and physics.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Operator

Water/wastewater treatment operators make sure our water is clean to drink. Not only is it important to keep us healthy, but it means our food and drink exports are of high quality.

They also treat our sewage so there are no nasty surprises going into our oceans. 

Qualifications you’ll need: You’ll need to complete an apprenticeship and gain a New Zealand Certificate in Water Treatment (Level 4).

Who it suits: You should be a good problem solver, good at basic maths, reliable, practical and safety conscious.

Useful school subjects: Biology, chemistry, construction and mechanical technologies, and maths.

Updated 12 Apr 2019