Careers 11

Careers 11 ­is a trial career education teaching resource for use with students in Year 11.  It consists of three modules that build career competencies relevant to students at this age and stage of development.

We are currently inviting teachers to try out Careers 11 with their students and send us their comments and suggestions for it. 

If you are interested in trialling this resource, read more about Careers 11 below, then download the teachers guide and module components.

Let us know what you think by filling out the evaluation forms and emailing them back to us. 

More about Careers 11

The three modules in Careers 11 are short, focused and completely standalone. They can be used in any sequence and spread across the school year at appropriate times.  Any teacher can use these materials with little or no preparation.  They cover the following areas: 

Understanding options
Students become familiar with the range of study and training options they have after secondary school. They understand what they need to start thinking about in year 11.

Facing challenges
Students develop their ability to weigh up factors that influence career decisions and to consider alternative possibilities. They realise that things don’t always go to plan but see there are ways to deal with challenges and even make them work for good.

Using networks
Students learn how personal networks can help them to find career information and opportunities. They practise skills that will help them to make the most of the contacts they make.

Updated 31 Aug 2015