Myths and the curriculum

Workshops based on kōrero pūrākau can be incorporated in to a range of learning areas. Here are some examples of how a workshop on kōrero pūrākau can link to The New Zealand Curriculum.

Learning area: English

Level 3

Achievement objective: Speaking, writing and presenting (ideas)
Students will select, form and communicate ideas on a range of topics.

Activity: Small group activity where students discuss the key personal attributes Māui exhibited in the story, Māui and the Sun.

Learning area: social studies

Level 5

Achievement objective: Students will gain knowledge, skills and experience
Understand how people pass on and sustain culture and heritage for different reasons and that this has consequences for people.

Activity: Students research an iwi or hapū story that illustrates a particular influence that has affected or explains an iwi or hapū practice or custom.

Learning area: the arts

Level 6

Achievement objective: Drama
Students will select and use techniques, conventions, and technologies in a range of dramatic forms.

Students work in small groups to role play a myth or legend for the class and then facilitate a class discussion around the key themes conveyed through the role play.

Learning area: health and physical education

Level 8

Achievement objective: Relationships with other people
Students will critically analyse the dynamic of effective relationships in a range of social contexts.

Activity: Students read the story of the separation of Rangi and Papa and then work in pairs to discuss the dynamics of the relationships in the story. They then use this story to take a personal look at the relationships in their own lives.

Updated 31 Aug 2015