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Cooks prepare, cook and serve food. They work in cafes, bars, hospitals, schools, daycare centres, fast food outlets, or for caterers.

Job opportunities

Cooks usually earn
$21-$23 per hour


Kaitauwhiro Pūtea

Actuaries predict and assess the financial risks and impacts of future events. They work in areas such as insurance, superannuation and investment.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
5-8 years

Trainee actuaries usually earn
$45K-$100K per year

Qualified actuaries with five years' experience usually earn
$100K-$150K per year

Aeroplane Pilot

Kaiwhakahaere Waka Rererangi

Aeroplane pilots fly planes that transport people and goods, or spread fertiliser or bait.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
2-3 years

Aeroplane pilots who fly for airlines or the military usually earn
$50K-$150K per year


Kaitiaki Pūranga

Archivists assess, organise, store and provide access to records and documents of long-term historical or research value. They also advise people and organisations about their archives.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3-5 years

Archivists with up to four years' experience usually earn
$44K-$60K per year

Archivists with five or more years' experience usually earn
$60K-$70K per year

Flight Attendant

Tūmau Waka Rererangi

Flight attendants make sure that passengers travelling in aeroplanes are safe and comfortable.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
<1 year

Flight attendants usually earn
$44K-$45K per year

Inflight service managers usually earn
$45K-$60K per year