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Ringa Paparahi

Deckhands may take care of passengers and assist in the operation of vessels such as harbour ferries and charter boats, or cast and haul in nets, lines or pots, and process fish on inshore or deep-sea fishing vessels.

Job opportunities

Deckhands with less experience or working on smaller vessels usually earn
$34K-$55K per year

Experienced deckhands or those working on deep-sea fishing vessels usually earn
$45K-$90K per year

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Buyers purchase goods to sell in warehouses, shops or department stores.

Job opportunities

Buyers usually start on about
$42K per year

Buyers with five or more years' experience may earn up to
$115K per year

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Cafe/​Restaurant Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Toa Kawhe/​Wharekai

Cafe/restaurant managers are in charge of running cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets. They may also run catering businesses.

Job opportunities

Cafe/restaurant duty managers usually earn
$17-$20 per hour

Cafe/restaurant general managers usually earn
$18-$24 per hour