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Hotel/​Motel Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Hōtera/​Mōtera

Hotel/motel managers plan, organise and control the operation of a hotel, motel or hostel, including management of staff.

Job opportunities

Motel managers usually earn
$60K-$80K per year

Hotel managers usually earn
$80K-$100K per year

Cafe/​Restaurant Manager

Kaiwhakahaere Toa Kawhe/​Wharekai

Cafe/restaurant managers are in charge of running cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets. They may also run catering businesses.

Job opportunities

Cafe managers earn an average of
$28 per hour

Restaurant managers earn an average of
$36 per hour


Pūkenga Tao Kai

Chefs prepare and cook food in restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, rest homes, cafes and bars.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-3 years

Chefs usually earn
$23-$25 per hour

Head or executive chefs usually earn
$29-$38 per hour



Cooks prepare, cook and serve food. They work in cafes, bars, hospitals, schools, daycare centres, fast food outlets, or for caterers.

Job opportunities

Cooks usually earn
$25-$27 per hour