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Job search results

Film/​Television Camera Operator

Kaitango Whakaahua Whitiāhua/​Pouaka Whakaata

Film and television camera operators use digital and film cameras to record events and scenes for television, movies and videos.

Job opportunities

New film/television camera operators usually earn
$30-$50 per hour

Experienced film/television camera operators usually earn
$64-$120 per hour

Film and Video Editor

Ētita Kiriata/​Ētita Ataata

Film and video editors assemble video, graphics, audio and text into a finished product for films, television programs, video productions or commercials.

Job opportunities

Film and video editors usually earn
$40K-$100K per year

Media Producer

Kaihautū Pāpāho

Media producers plan and produce films, television programmes, theatre productions, music, digital content, radio shows, festivals and other artistic activities.

Job opportunities

Pay rates for media producers vary as most are self-employed and work on short-term contracts.



Editors plan, commission, evaluate, select, edit and organise material for publication online or in books, magazines, and newspapers. They may also manage editorial staff.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1-3 years

Editorial assistants usually earn
$37K-$40K per year

Senior editors usually earn
$60K-$90K per year