Manu tukutuku poster - English

Let me soar to the heavens so I may reach my potential.

Kia rere au ki ngā rangi tūhāhā kia tau atu au ki tōku taumata

This image of a manu tukutuku presents a model of career development for students and whānau. Here are some ideas about what the different parts of the image could represent. You may have other ideas about what the imagery represents for you – and that’s great. The main thing is that this image provides you with a way of looking at careers.

Ko ahau 

The manu tukutuku represents you – your aspirations, dreams and goals for yourself, your whānau, your people and your world. Like the flight of the manu tukutuku, your own life journey to reach your potential may be full of twists and turns, times when you feel like you are hovering in one spot and times when you soar.

Tōku kāwai rangatira 

The wings of the manu tukutuku represent your whānau, hapū, iwi and ancestors who help you take flight and are with you on your life journey. For you are the physical embodiment of your whakapapa – you never travel alone; your whakapapa is with you always, wherever you go.

Ōku tohu, ōku pūkenga 

The feathers of adornment represent the qualifications, skills, experience and relationships that you acquire on your life journey. Each feather is of importance and will influence your flight path to reach your potential.

Taku taura here ki te taiao 

The rope represents your link to Papa-tū-ā-nuku and your tūrangawaewae (your place to stand). It is a reminder that no matter where you go on your life journey, you can never be lost if you are secure in who you are and where you are from.

Taku kurutao 

The middle triangular section of the manu tukutuku represents the support you receive from your friends, teachers, school and community. You can draw upon this support to help you soar in challenging times and to help you celebrate your successes along your life journey.

Ngā hau e whā 

The winds in the image represent the challenges, happenstance and opportunities that influence your flight path in life. The winds challenge you to overcome the obstacles that surround you and to continue soaring on towards your goals.

Your career …

… is the lifelong journey you take to fulfil your potential and contribute to the wellbeing of your whānau, hapū, iwi, and te ao Māori.

Updated 24 May 2017