Kōrero pūrākau in the classroom

A workshop on kōrero pūrākau can provide a fun and inspiring learning context through which to engage with students and help them explore important life themes and key messages. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Choosing the myth

Knowing which is the right kōrero pūrākau for your students depends on two things:

  • the aim of the workshop
  • the message you want to convey to your students.

Choosing the theme

Illustration of two birds flying past a tree

Different kōrero pūrākau lend themselves to different themes

You may wish to explore themes such as:

  • influences
  • decision making
  • overcoming obstacles
  • courage
  • sacrifice
  • achievement
  • acceptance
  • understanding
  • loyalty
  • commitment and work ethic
  • resourcefulness
  • knowing your strengths and weaknesses
  • self-awareness
  • relationships
  • communication.

Be flexible with your approach to the workshop. You may have decided on a theme, but your students may also identify other themes in the kōrero pūrākau, which are relevant to them and their future pathways – and that’s great.

Choosing the medium

Kōrero pūrākau can be adapted and retold in different ways and told through different mediums (ie books, handouts, oral narrative, role-playing, PowerPoint, audio, DVD).  The medium should be relevant to the level and learning preferences of your students. So you may choose to use a variety of mediums across a series of workshops with your students.

Updated 31 Aug 2015