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Job search results

Media Producer

Kaihautū Pāpāho

Media producers plan and produce films, television programmes, theatre productions, music, digital content, radio shows, festivals and other artistic activities.

Job opportunities

Pay rates for media producers vary as most are self-employed and work on short-term contracts.


Pouherenga Kōrero o-Mua

Historians research, write and present information about events and people of the past and present. They may also teach history.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
>5 years

Historians employed in universities or the public sector usually earn
$44K-$120K per year

Artistic Director

Kaihautū Toi

Artistic directors plan and direct the activities of performing arts organisations such as theatre and dance companies, and arts activities at festivals and venues.

Job opportunities

Pay rates for artistic directors vary depending on your ability, experience, and what type of work you do.



Entertainers perform a variety of acts, such as dance, drama or acrobatics, to entertain an audience.

Job opportunities

Pay for entertainers varies depending on your ability, how often you work and what type of work you do.